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RaspberryPi2EGLFS revert step 13

  • Hi

    I followed the tutorial and everything worked fine.

    Now I want to compile a complete different project natively on the Raspberry from source (pulseview;a=summary ), which uses QT5.

    But it complains now about:

    CMake Error at /usr/local/qt5pi/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfig.cmake:15 (message):
      The imported target "Qt5::Core" references the file
      but this file does not exist.  Possible reasons include:
      * The file was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location.
      * An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully.
      * The installation package was faulty and contained
      but not all the files it references.
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
      /usr/local/qt5pi/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfigExtras.cmake:6 (_qt5_Core_check_file_exists)
      /usr/local/qt5pi/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreConfig.cmake:187 (include)
      /usr/local/qt5pi/lib/cmake/Qt5/Qt5Config.cmake:28 (find_package)
      CMakeLists.txt:104 (find_package)
    -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
    See also "/mnt/build/sigrok/sigrok-util/cross-compile/linux/pulseview/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".

    It seems to try to use "/home/p/raspi2/qt5/bin/qmake" which is of course not on my raspberry but on my desktop pc.
    How can I revert the changes so that cmake is NOT using "/usr/local/qt5pi/" as qt5 source but instead use the version that I had on my raspberry.

    I am not sure but the only thing that I changed was step 13 in the tutorial:

    echo /usr/local/qt5pi/lib | sudo tee /etc/
    sudo ldconfig

    I dont know why cmake chooses a qmake path that I only used on my desktop for crosscompile.

  • Found a nasty workaround. I deleted my crosscompiled "/usr/local/qt5pi" on the Raspberry so that cmake was not able anymore to detect it during checks. Then it found the default QT installation and used it. There must be a way to tell cmake what library path it shall use but i did not found how to do that...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @pauledd Did you copy your source code together with build artefacts from PC to RPi?
    If so delete all build artefacts and try again. To avoid such issues you should use out of source builds.

    Also see
    "Set your CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable to the Qt 5 installation prefix. This is the recommended way."

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