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QInstallMsgHandler doesn't work at QtService App, is it true?

  • Hi all!
    I create a QtService App, then at the constructor i invoke qInstallMsgHandler function and send as parameter my function (QtMsgHandler type). At QApplication - it's work, but at Qtservice - not, what I'm doing wrong?
    Tnx 4 the help!

  • How do you check if it works?
    What exactyl do you do and what do you consider?
    what is the result?

  • At this task, i write all info to the text file, i have 2 projects at one solution, first - for debug service (there i write all info to the QTextWidget and to the file), and second - it's a service project, witch use same source code as first, but have another application at the main function and don't use widget for display info (just log file).

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