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QLineEdit add QAction

  • m_PasswordLineEdit = new KeyboardLineEdit();
    m_ShowPwsAction = new QAction;
    m_PasswordLineEdit->addAction(m_ShowPwsAction, QLineEdit::TrailingPosition);

    I want add a button in the end of lineedit.
    And I use add action. It's work.
    But i clicked the button lineedit also got the focusIn.
    It's possible action toggled but lineedit don't get the focusIn?

    Qt Version 5.9.5

  • Hi.
    QLineEdit is derived from QWidget. Every QWidget has set of methods regarding the focus, you can manipulate it throughout the whole UI.
    I think looking into FocusPolicy might be of use but I am not certain.

  • 擷取.PNG
    I want press in red area still got focus on click, and click on blue area only got toggled (addAction) signal.

    I try set ClickFocus for lineEdit for focus policy, but it's also will get the focusIn. I think is not work.

    thanks for your reply.

  • @OtisLin
    Then if focus policy won't do it you will have to catch the button/action click and restore focus to the line edit?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think want to handle separately by QLineedit and QAction pressevent is impossible.
    now I try to new QPushbutton and add to a new layout.
    setlayout to QLineedit, it's look like fine. but need more test.
    thanks for your reply.

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