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Problems moving rows using arrow keys in QTableView

  • I have a MyDialog that inherits QDialog.
    The model for this dialog is QAbstractListModel.

    There are problems if you follow these steps.

    step1 : Click into a cell in a row+column

    step2 : Ctrl + ↑(Arrow Up Key)
    -> Nothing has changed on the UI.

    step3 : Press ↑(Arrow Up Key)
    -> The row above two spaces is selected

    Is there a way to solve this problem so that it moves only one space?

    Thank you for your time.

    ps. I apologize for the ambiguity of the description @JonB
    I'm not good at English. sorry.

  • @LeLev
    Yep. One of those two!

    It's best to stay with your original post (unless you did and it's a forum bug, I have reported this behaviour once). I can see you've changed a touch from my questions there, but you haven't answered all of them, especially the last one. You can use the vertical ... button at the bottom-right of your posts to Edit them if you need to.

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