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Drawing with Wayland INTO QML item

  • Hello!

    I want to use Qt Wayland to render with a stand alone application inside an item into a bigger QML scene.

    I checked the Qt Wayland examples, but unfortunately all the examples have this structure:

    WaylandCompositor {
        WaylandOutput {
            window: Window { .. }

    In other words: All the examples have a WaylandCompositor as root object and inside the WaylandOuput they create a top level window.
    But I need something like this:

    Item {
       Text { ... }
       Rectangle { /* I want the standalone application render in this area with Wayland */

    Of course all of this code is inside a Window. I guess I cant just put a WaylandCompositor into my Rectangle? How can I use Qt Wayland to draw inside a certain item inside a QML scene?

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