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ixxat and qt

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm beginner about qt and in my job i need to use ixxat can device but almost no any information about qt and ixxat. I need to some help for how can i initiate the ixxat device in my code and communicate the other deviced from the CANBUS.

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    Hi @hramazan, welcome!

    we have the QtSerialBus module in Qt, which allows access to CAN busses.

    We don't have a dedicated driver/plugin for Ixxat yet, however if you're on Linux, you might be able to use the SocketCAN driver. So which device are you exactly talking about?


  • Hi, I implemented a driver for the missing PLUGIN for IXXAT USB adapter. It is freely available here:
    It still needs a lot of works but it works using the can example of Qt. (OS Windows 7)

  • What OS are you using?

    If you are working on windows i highly suggest getting a PEAK can adapter instead.

    On linux if you follow IXXAT's documentation for installing socketcan drivers then it will work easily with QCanBus.

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