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QSystemTrayIcon activated signal workaround

  • It is well documented that the QSystemTrayIcon::activated signal doesn't work on Ubuntu Unity. In order to get around this I am using the QSystemTrayIcon context menu's QMenu::aboutToShow signal to capture mouse clicks.

    // Create tray and setup tray icon
    void MyClass::createTrayIcon()
        m_pTrayIconMenu = new QMenu(this);
        m_pTrayImage    = new QPixmap(MY_IMAGE);
        m_pTrayIcon     = new QSystemTrayIcon(this);
        QIcon icon(*m_pTrayImage);
        connect(m_pTrayIconMenu, SIGNAL(aboutToShow()),
                        this,                              SLOT(onActivated()));

    Though this is working fine except the context menu is showing still. Is there any way to suppress the context menu from showing at all? I realize I'm piggybacking the QMenu::aboutToShow signal because the QSystemTrayIcon::activated signal does not go out in Unity, but if you guys have any ideas that would be great! I see this on all Unity versions Ubuntu 14.04+. I do not see this issue on GNome.

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    tried on win 10 but it does not show the menu.
    I was wondering if we subclass QMenu and override
    paintEvent and draws nothing if something would still show?
    I dont have unity to test on.

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