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STM32, USB and QT

  • Hi to all,
    I am trying to make a simple program. I just need to communicate with an STM32 board (a discovery one) using the USB OTG FS built in, using a GUI created with QT (I just want to send some strings of text).
    Since I have never programmed using QT, I would like to receive some hints, like what C library I have to use to communicate with the STM32 (libusb?) and maybe some tutorial for doing that.
    I don't need to program the STM32 using QT, since I am already doing that using CubeMX + TrueStudio, I am just searching a way to send/receive data from my micro.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi.
    Please take a look at QSerialPort and QSerialPortInfo classes. I use them to communicate with barcode scanners. I believe that this should work. If not, please post any description of the protocol that should be used for communication with your device.

    Of course, please ask should you have more questions.

  • @artwaw Thank you very much, I have managed to communicate with my board using QSerialPort.

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    Hi @alberto-brunero,

    glad you solved your problem. So please mark this topic as SOLVED too. Thanks!

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