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MacOS override cmd+space shortcut

  • Hello all!
    How i can override cmd+space shortcut ? by default spotlight appear when i press cmd+space... i tried install eventfilter for qApp and widget, but it not work

  • No.

    Cmd-Space is intercepted by the OS and never delivered to the application.

    Oh, and you would make your users very angry if you mangaged to do so. Don't mess with users' experiences!

  • In Adobe Illustrator, Fontlab cmd+space is fast zoom shortcut.. and all time is work
    My users (designers) accustomed use cmd+space as zoom shortcut and my coworkers not understand way i can't implemented it now in Qt program

  • Yes, you're right. I just checked with InDesign. Although I would call it suboptimal, as the Cmd-Space shortcut acutually does two things: it switches to the zoom tool in InDesign and it opens spotlight.

    It seems that it's not possible to setup this shortcut with Qt (actually one has to add "Ctrl+Space"). Maybe you will need to add some Carbon/Cocoa specific native calls to your application. A quick search on Google led me to nothing, unfortunately.

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