[Moved] Need more detailed install guide information for linux 32 bit web install

  • Here is a frustration for me and why I am asking for help.

    My objective is to use only the web install of the Linux 32bit version as our compatible and only QT package on the system.

    I was using QT from Ubuntu, or the Fedora versions installed via apt-get or yum, I have searched their respective repositories for the most recent version that was provided. However, I needed to share QT software development with someone else, I asked them to download the network installation of 4.7 (Sept 1 version) and I did the same, making it a common development and the only QT development version on our systems.

    I installed the SDK to my home directory, which I suppose is as good place as any. But when I compile my QT applications, the resulting QT application program does not function correctly. I get 90 percent correct functionality. If I use the UBUNTU or Fedora code, I get a different 90% functionality in the application. Parts that did not work, now do, and vice-versa.

    However, my associate across the ocean uses Fedora, and I was using UBUNTU as the development platform (32bit). Our testing of common code did not result in the identical application functionality.

    Here is my request for help. I have created the QtSDK folder and the sub-folders. Do I have to move the bin directory out to a location into a directory in the path? Do I have to create launchers or soft links for Creator, designer, etc? I want to standardize on one version of QT. It should not be a Ubuntu or a Fedora version.

    By the way, the compiler g++ etc libraries are all at equivalent levels.

    Is there a recipe book for step by step post download instructions? Such as...
    Step one, download
    Step two chmod and run the install program
    Step three, move bin directory to /usr...
    Step four move libraries to ....


    I know this note is long winded, but I have used Google to search for advice, and did not find anything of significance.

    Leslie Satenstein
    Montreal Quebec, Canada.
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    My email address is lsatenstein at yahoo dot com

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    Installing SDK in home is OK, but the installer (if I remember well) does not register the bins/libs in PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH, you have to either do it yourself, or instruct QMake/make to link against your libraries. It's even easier if you use QtCreator, because the only thing that is required is specifying qmake in QtCreator preferences.

    Also, be sure to install all dependencies like mesa - Qt SDK does not raise any error or warning when some libraries are missing!

    Last point I've got to add is - be sure to check whether your distro has a platform style plugin, some errors might stem from lacking in that area. Other than that, the post is too general to provide any detailed instructions (or it might just be that I lack expertise in this field, which certainly is true ;) ).

    EDIT: yeah, and it's "Qt", not "QT" (== Quick Time), as FAQ for this forum states. I don't mind much which one you use as long as we understand each other, but be careful, as some folks here are dead set about this distinction.

  • Thank you Sierdzio, however my question is still unanswered and I do need some basic help so that multiple users on this linux desktop may access the common folders.

    Are you or someone else able to provide me with the list of Set or Export environment Parameters that I need to use, and if it is a good idea to relocate the bin file contents to the /usr/bin

    I looked at what Fedora had in the environment as a clue and as well, what UBUNTU setup. I would like to know if I should just mimic those two setups.

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