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Can I use InDesign SDKs and tools in Qt Creator IDE to build InDesign plugins?

  • See this site:
    "InDesign SDKs and tools":

    Because simply I don't want to use xcode or Visual Studio.

    Please if you don't have an answer lead me to a way, URL, phone number, etc...

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    There is nothing in Qt Creator limiting its use for projects, independent of what you want to code.

    I have not looked into the Adobe licensing terms, so I can not comment on that side.

  • You are not forced to use XCode or Visual Studio as your IDE together with the InDesign SDK. You must use the toolchains stated in the SDK though, that is the Visual Studio compilers (on Windows) and gcc (on the Mac) and you must use the versions specified.

    There's a big but:
    The SDK samples and docs provide sane default settings for the compilers, add the correct libraries etc. You must add exactly those settings to your Creator settings. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. For my InDesign plug ins I stick to XCode and VS.

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