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How to trigger an image to pop up when clicking on another image?

  • So, this may seem convoluted. I am doing a UX/UI redesign and having a lot of trouble with it. I am also really new to Qt so I apologize ahead of time.

    I have a main image of a body and I want like chat/text boxes to appear beside the general, it will be predefined area. However on that image ( or whatever I'm suppose to use, right now I'm trying Image but I don't think its going well) there should be a selection options which the user can check box in.

    I already have that functionality done. I just can't render it onto the chat/text box image.

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    @htong1 Sorry, but your description is really unclear. And I don't see how the title is related to the body of your post? Can you rephrase and be more clear what exactly you want to know?

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