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Video frames from web camera cannot be decoded with newer Qt versions

  • Hi
    I am decoding raw video frames from web camera with the following code

            QImage image(input->bits(),
            if (image.isNull()) {
                qWarning() << "Cannot convert from pixel format";

    where input is

           QVideoFrame *input;

    On one specific PC the above code works only with Qt 5.11.1 x64 MS Visual Studio 2017, with more recent versions (Qt 5.12.5 or qt 5.13.2) the Image after conversion is NULL. Does anyone knows why this happens ?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What Windows version does that machine run ?
    What hardware is that ?
    Does it already fail for Qt 5.12.0 ?

  • Hi

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    OS is Windows 10 Pro, x64.
    The hardware is an ASUS Tek Notebook PC, Model TP300L.
    Qt 5.12.0 is working with our hardware, but not Qt 5.13.2


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