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SetTitlebarWidget & its height

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    I've created my own Title bar widget and would like to set its height to something like 10 pixels. Even tho I can do setFixedHeight() and the widget is that size, when it shows on windows it has a "black/transparent border" around top/bottom of the title bar area. Meaning title bar is still of its original size... Tried on QDockWidgets so far...

    How can I change title bar size to match by widget height?


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    You should show your widget implementation.

  • @SGaist said in SetTitlebarWidget & its height:


    You should show your widget implementation.

    Its something like

        fo = QDockWidget()
        w = QPushButton("yoyoyooy")

    The PushButton is x pixels below top of window, so the title bar is still xx height.

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