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QtCreator: heob plugin

  • Inside the widget where you can modify the heob settings (when starting heob out of QtCreator) there's a button for saving the current settings.

    It would be nice to have 2 buttons for pre-setting some of the heob properties in order to simplify starting with heob:
    (I.e. to add some buttons for the most use-cases)

    Preset 1 (performance analysis):

    • change 'Handle exceptions' to 'Only'
      Preset 2 (memory leaks analysis):
    • change 'Handle exceptions' to 'On'
    • change 'Leak details' to 'Simple'
    • add '-I100' to 'Extra arguments' in case of argument '-I' is missing

    In both cases the other settings should be kept unchanged (e.g. 'Heob path')

    ALTERNATIVELY I could think of 3 save buttons and 3 restore buttons where I can save/restore 3 of my most used settings.
    In this case all setup-values should be saved/restored.

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    Hi @haga,

    please put suggestions at (don't forget to add a link here).

    This forum is more user oriented. Thanks!

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