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VS 2019 and Qt VS Tools 2.4.2

  • Hi,

    this might be a dumb question, so be merciful.

    I'm trying to compile some Qt projects directly from Visual Studio, but it seems like that the project can't set any Qt project setting.

    If I compile, the moc files are not generated and of course the whole process fails.
    Also trying to explicitly compile .ui and .qrc files with right click is disabled.
    I have set the the default Qt Version in the Qt Options so I'm not sure what could it be

    What am I missing?

  • @kos
    If you open the context menu on the solution in the solution explorer: Do you get the entry "Change Solution's Qt version"?

    Maybe that does something for you...

  • I can choose the installed Qt version on the solution, but on the project everything is still disabled...
    I have sucessfully compiled a Qt project at home where I have VS 2017, here at work I have VS 2019.
    Anybody having issues on the 2019 integration?

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