Qt5+gstreamer camera preview issue

  • export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0

    I can play .mp4 file correctly.
    But when playing camera, it shows blank screen. There is no error message.

    Can someone help?! Thank you very much.

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    @jayzs said in Qt5+gstreamer camera preview issue:

    There is no error message

    Not even in the console?

  • [root@rk3288:/]# qml_test
    eglfs >> createSurface GBM_FORMAT_ARGB8888
    eglfs >> sucess to create KMS FB!

    this is the ourput in console

    It is on the linux 4.4 built by buildroot. Run on rk3288(arm32v7, mali t764)

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    @jayzs Does same app work on a PC?

  • @jsulm Yes, it works on pc ubuntu 16.04. The qt version on board is 5.9, but 5.12 on pc.

    Here is another message sometimes it shows:
    [ 13.884117] rockchip-vop ff930000.vop: [drm:vop_crtc_enable] Update mode to 1920x1080p60, type: 11
    [ 13.919835] [drm:hdmi_config_hdr_infoframe] ERROR Not support DRM Infoframe

    the board is connecting an aoc 1080p monitor by hdmi.

    I have checked the error msg, it just means no infoframe for hdmi version less then 2.11a, I dont know if this matters, because I can play video to the same monitor correctly.

    Sorry I`m new so have to wait 600 seconds to send another text here.

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