Popup a component in qml

  • Hi ,

    I have a component "redSquare" and a rectangle "rect" in main file. rect is visible and on click on the rect the redsquare should pop up.

    I have been spending time on pop up help and not able to find any suitable example that uses given component in it .

    So my question is how to use component in such a manner that given component pops up on a click in rectangle , square shaped any other component.

        Component {
                id: redSquare
                Rectangle {
                    color: "red"
                    width: 100
                    height: 100
        Popup {
            id: pp
            modal: true
            focus: true
            closePolicy: Popup.CloseOnEscape | Popup.CloseOnPressOutsideParent
            Rectangle {
                        id: rect
                        x: 710
                        y: 10
                        width: 80
                        height: 80
                        radius: 10
                        color: "#ffffff"
                        visible: true
                        MouseArea {
                            id: it
                            anchors.fill: parent
                            onClicked: {
                           //     pp.component = redSquare

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