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INSTALLS ignores /res folder

  • Regarding my previous post, I found out that I can use INSTALLS to replace ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR. But for some reason it ignores /res folder.

    My project has 2 android related folders. /android and /android_extra.
    At first it was all one folder that was included in the build with ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR, but that's not the best solution, since some files, depending on the build, shouldn't be included.
    So I put the optional files inside android_extra.

    If I use the ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR for the mandatory /android folder and INSTALLS for the optional /andorid_extra it doesn't include the /android_extra/src files.

    If however I use INSTALLS instead of ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR it doesn't include the android/res files, but the /android_extra/src will be included...

    I don't know what else to try, mainly I'm just looking at how the build system is making fun of me...
    Any solution to this, or how to force it to include files?

    EDIT: It seems as it can't copy files to /res in the build folder. If I put the INSTALLS path to /res2 it will make the folder and copy the files. So I assume it's the same case for /src when using ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR.

  • Seems like androiddeployqt is at fault here. The files are copied, but once the androiddeployqt is started, it cleares the folders...

  • @Wiru

    You can check on https://bugreports.qt.io/ if it is a known bug.
    You can also a new file bug report when it is not already listed there. This user forum is never checked for possible reports of bugs.

    When you find or file a bug report, please file the link here to give aothers a chance to add and to monitor the issue.

  • I opened a ticket. Can only hope it gets resolved soon, or for an existing workaround

  • @Wiru

    OK, thanks for taking the time. Let's see what happens.

  • For now I made a custom androiddeployqt that ignores cleanAndroidFiles(options); which deletes the files. Seems to work, only have to delete the build folder manually so it doesn't keep old build files.