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Qml Mesh meshName not woking with 3dsMax obj File

  • Hey, im new to Qt3d and i try to load a obj file created by 3ds Max. So far so good. Loading the whole mesh works fine. But i only need a specific part of it. The mesh is sub meshed in 8 or so parts.
    When i try to load only one pars with the meshName property, the whole mesh loads. It seams like meshName is not working. I got the sub mesh name out of the obj file.

                id: objMesh
                meshName: qsTr("Turret01")
                source: "qrc:/t-90a.obj"
                onStatusChanged: {

    This loads the complete Mesh and not only the turret.

  • Looks like I have the same issue using the "Alias Mesh (.obj)" from FreeCAD.

    Yet I have opened the mesh object file and I see clearly a line with my sub-mesh: g <meshName>.

    However, it works as excepted when opening obj file in

    Any updates from this?

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