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Qt software Development & Development Consultancy work

  • Qt/QML(Qt Quick)/Qt Mobility Software Development and Development Consultancy - "PthinkS"

    You can hear our success stories from PthinkS and form our Customers

    • Are you looking for Experienced & Certified Qt and QML Experts?
    • Are you looking for QML App development on Across platforms?
    • Are you looking for Qt & QML team building?
    • Are you looking for C++, Qt & QML training?
    • Do you want to jump-start Qt & QML Project?

    PthinkS specializes in C++, Qt, Qt Quick (QML), Qt Mobility software development consultancy and is a software training organization. Our focus is always being to provide highly professional and quality services. “We do what we know best. Nothing beyond”.

     Qt Champion for the year 2017.
     Strong company with 45+ C++, Qt & QML professionals.
     Only Company in India Focused on C++, Qt & QML, Qt OpenGL
     Only Indian company to train more than 10000+ Software Professionals on Qt QML .

    We can help your software development project by

     specifying and implementing your entire development, from scratch
     supplementing your project by implementing parts of the application
     continuing the software development of a project
     integrating Qt, QML C++ or Qt- QopenGL
     refactoring and back-porting code to Qt (see Migrations)
     helping you with the User Interface design (see UX/UI Design)

    “Official reference (Name, work Email Id, Desk Number) and feedback can be shared based on request.”

    Looking forward from here to help and solve your complex problem.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

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