How to update MaintenanceTool so that I can add datavisualization component

  • Hi,

    I have a project which is using datavisualization module.

    QT += datavisualization

    I am trying to add this module to the qt but the MaintenanceTool is not allowing me to do it. When I try to Add or remove components, it gives me the message "there is an important update available please run the updater first" I am using the latest Qt 5.13.1 installed today.

    Can you please help me in updating the MaintenanceTool or is there any other way to add the component datavisualization ?
    Any help would be really appreciated.


  • Did you try selecting "update" instead of "add/remove components"?

  • Thank you! That worked. it would update the maintenance tool. However it still would show the message for updating the maintenance tool. Somehow it moves to the next window only if you resize.

    Thanks a lot.

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