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webnineview v.s. webview

  • Hi,

    We have a very simple QT program which just loads a web page and most of time the local webpage.

    QWebView *view;   //use qtWebkit

    /WebEngineView *view; //use qtWebengine

    view = new QWebView(this);


    view = new QWebengineView(this);

    where the uurl=http://localhost:80

    This simple browser program works for years (from Qt5.5 to QT5.9)

    The one based on qtWebkit still works at QT5.11.3, but the one based on qtWebengine stops working such that there is no page displayed.

    The qtwebengine-based full browser example such as simple browser and qtwebbrowser still works although both of them requires some security- related dialog "Proceed with Caution" for the local page. I wonder whether the problem is related to some kind of security enhancement per Chromium.

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

    Best regards,


  • @Eric-Ruei
    QWebengineView has a bunch of loadStarted/Progress/Finished signals. See if they are telling you anything?
    Maybe QWebEngineView::load(const QWebEngineHttpRequest &request) overload would allow you to examine any request/response issues?

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