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QT Installer framework: Change location of QT created files

  • Dear all,

    I'm currently writing an installer and everything is working great so far. Now my package comes already with bin, lib etc. directories, so I could just install it for example at /usr

    However, the framework also creates several files itself like components.xml, InstallationLog.txt, etc. So obviously I would not want to to have them at /usr but my own dedicated directory. Is there any setting that I'm missing to place these somewhere else? Alternatively I could of course move them at the end of the installation (if that works for the log file for example).

    Or is this a wrong approach all together and instead I should be installing to /opt (or wherever the user likes) and then offering the option to symlink the necessary files to /usr (which I don't think is very nice).

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi,

    The IFW writes all files relative to the given base installation directory.

    One option might be that in the component's installscript.qs you move the files to desired destination directory.
    Note that here you need to take care of elevated permissions if needed and also implement the "undo" operation so that
    when you uninstall (MaintenanceTool(.exe)/Uninstaller(.exe)) the packages it knows what to uninstall.

    To make IFW natively support installing packages with absolute paths please open a Jira ticket/suggestion, I think it might make sense in such cases.

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