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Did anybody work with QML Map?

  • For those who reads - Please answer only if you had some deal with QML Map and do understand it's power well.

    I need implement following features in my application:

    1. Some raws in TableView have global coordinate position info in their cells. When clicking on this raw the map must appear with marker on object with this position. Scale must be enough to see object with nearest streets and buildings. If the object does not have position info the map must appear without marker and scale must be enough to show entire current city (I have current position then must find city name and show all it's map). The map must have street and other geo object names properly localized.
    2. On the map open in step 1 user can set the marker - after this marker's position must be translated to the app. It will record it to proper cell of current raw in TableView.

    Can this all be implemented only using QML Map and all Qt5.12 geographical support features? Or Qt5.12 does not have enough functionality - then I must turn to use Google Maps API (which looks more complex and is system dependent)? The application is developed for Android first but later can be ported to other OSes. Therefore multiplatform solution is preferred.

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