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Elf2e32 : Error: E1065

  • Hi all, I got this error message while compiling my QT-mobility app:

    elf2e32 : Error: E1065: 'C:/QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian3Qt473/epoc32/release/armv5/udeb/symb_001.exe.sym' : 'close' Import relocation does not refer to code segment.

    My code is compiled well on simulator and Visual Studio 2010, but failed with symbian's toolchain. Does anybody ever had the same problem? And how you managed to fixed it?

    I'm new in QT, and this is my "hello" :)

  • Eventually it comes down to sqlite3 that caused this, I'm using the 3.7.8 almagation. But this problem is not yet resolved.

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