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QT Demo Example Analogclock on NGW100

  • Hello everyone,

    i crosscompiled qt embedded 4.5.3 for my ngw100 avr32 board, i compiled the examples/analogclock with avr32-linux-g++/gcc now i transfered the lib's and fonts for QT installation to the targed system and tryed to run

    ./analogclock -qws

    now an error pops up:

    ./analogclock: can't resolve symbol '__avr32_f32_cmp_eq'

    ./analogclock: can't resolve symbol '__avr32_f32_cmp_eq'

    Segmentation fault

    on every example its the same error. the board has 32mb SRAM.

    the filesystem is build with buildroot 2.3.0. (for example the whole /lib folder)

    i used the avr32 ubuntu iso from atmel webpage with all tools installed right away, to build the QT SOURCE . (buildroot 2.2.0) (libqtgui.so.4.5.3 , libQTnetwork.so.4.5.3 , libQTcore.so.4.5.3)

    coult this difference of buildroot versions be the cause for the segmentation fault?

    i need big help i think:(

  • The error says there is a missing symbol in the system running in your board and it does not look like a Qt symbol.

    The difference between the build and run environment versions is the probable cause of this error.

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