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[SOLVED] How to write in a database on N950?

  • I am trying to connect to sqlite Db, but i always get
    bq. Bus error ( core Dumb)

    Could any body help me, please?

  • As a general note, you should always try to make a testcase, as well as copying and pasting the exact errors you get. And I'm quite sure that you never get a core Dumb error.

  • Sorry for spilling mistake , here is the error i got

    bq. Bus error (core dumped)

    I am just trying to open the Db file on meego OS, however the code is working fine on symbian.
    I just changed the paths of the DB.


    dbFiles.sources += faces.db
    dbFiles.path = ./data/
    DEPLOYMENT += dbFiles
    db.files = faces.db
    db.path = /opt/myApplication/data
    INSTALLS += db

    @#ifdef Q_OS_SYMBIAN
    iDB = new QSqlDatabase(QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE"));
    QString path = QDir::currentPath();
    QString path("/opt/myApplication/data/faces.db");

    Thank you for your help

  • Do you really mean to have the creation of the database object only for symbian?

  • Ohhhhh sorry it is a big mistake, really i didn't notice that.
    Thank you very much.

    but I got another error i think this time it is a real error, when i try to write or read from the DB file I always get the following message.
    bq. "attempt to write a readonly database Unable to fetch row"

    the database exists in the following path


  • You don't seem to have rights to modify the database in question.

  • yes, I think it a problem of permission, So should i change it's path or there is a way to change the Db permission pragmatically.
    I saw the db file permission and it was (-rw-r--r--) I think that the only one who has the permission to write the file is the root.
    How can I deal with that?
    Thanks in advance

  • When I tried to run the application as root the application was successfully able to read and write the DB file.
    SO how can I change the permission of the Db for the User?

  • Hi,
    I had similar problems and they are caused by the deployment setting permissions to read only. So this is what I did to solve this.

    • Created a post installation script named ex. myapp.postinst.
    • Inside that script copied the file I would like to use ex. @cp /opt/myapp/path/to/file.txt /opt/myapp/path/to/copy.txt@ and also @chmod a+rwx /opt/myapp/path/to/copy.txt@ to change permissions..
    • Created a pre removal script named doing removing stuff
    • The application must of course use the copied file created from the post installation script.

  • how could you add this post script to the package?

  • You could do that from inside QtCreator also, you should already have added the packaging files for Debian Harmattan device. Then just right click to the root item named qt_packaging/Debian_Harmattan and in the wizzard select the choice 'text file' and supply a name for that file. Then rename the new file to "myapp.postinst", add your code and that's it .

  • I did that but i didn't copy the db file i just changed it's permission and it's parent folder
    chmod a+w /home/user/.myapplication/data
    chmod a+w /home/user/.myapplication/data

    Thank you

  • Could that also.. :-)

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