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webassembly try

  • Hi everybody,
    I decided to try webassembly with qt 5.13.1 and I have some questions.
    I downloaded webassembly for qt 5.13.1 from Qt Maintenance tool and I followed this tutorial.

    But qt kit gave me an error not compatible ABI. Qt maintenance has qt 5.13.1 webassembly 32 bit . I downloaded the 64 bit emsdk. I think that this is a problem and try to download 32 bit emsdk but I was unsuccessful.


    If I compile 64 bit webassembly and a webassembly based program, does it work on any computery (32bit or 64bit)?

    How can I upload files from a webassebmly and qml based program?
    Is drag and drop files from the client computer possible?


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