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Learning QML until 5.12 broke BorderImage, 9 months stuck waiting for fix

  • I was working/learning on converting my .Net program into a C++/QML until the latest update 5.12 came out.

    It seems that 5.12 had some breaking changes, very rough for a beginner just learning QML.

    I am creating an OutLook Style of Ribbon based UI.

    I have been watching every update since then to fix the problem from 5.12 - 5.14.0 (Alpha)

    I have even reported a few bugs.

    But I don't see a huge movement on this and I don't see very many other people complaining about the BorderImage Qml Type being broken.

    This gets me to wonder if I am doing something very wrong.

    I have created a simple demo on how I am using the BorderImage and how I am creating my UI controls in QML maybe there is a workaround and not having to use BorderImage at all.

    Can someone else suggest how I can achieve the same effects without having to rely on BorderImage for scaleable buttons?

    Currently, the program works if I use 5.11.3 or below., but I am wanting to use some other bug fixes that are only available in 5.12.0 and above.

    I have been stuck for over 9 months trying to wait for a bug to be fixed but if someone could give me an idea or a different method or suggestion to use that would be great. otherwise I am going to try using different cross-platform solutions or go back to .NET. I hope I am missing something very obvious.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @EatonCode hi
    5.14 beta will maybe fix that

    don't leave Qt just for a BorderImage qml type bug

  • @LeLev - Apparently I was already using the Beta version not the alpha of 5.14. Well, what gets to me is I have been reporting this since Feb 2019 and at that time I have not seen 1 other complaint or bug report about this same or similar issue. I know Qt has a huge following and it makes me suspicious that not one other person is complaining about this. So I question my methods of designing the UI when there could be a workaround or maybe using a different QML Type.

    My First Bug Report has been marked as Abandoned. I think it's because the initial problem has been fixed. But there is still a problem using the same exact demo.

    I not sure what it takes for something to be called a known issue, but apparently it does not cut the mustard to be called a known issue.

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