How to create a playlist of animations

  • I want to create a playlist of several animations. What is the component of Qt is most appropriate?

    Principle: I create several animations that I backup with a given extension. I want to select a few among them to build a list and when I click the play button of my software, animation are read from the first simulation to the last in succession.

    How can I do?

  • I would use a QListView.
    Or if you go the qml way, a ListView object in qml.

    depends on how fancy your UI should be.

  • Did you mean GIF animation?
    QMovie for example.

  • My animation contains item rectangle, ellipses items, line items, pictures and video

  • Hello
    I am also looking for a way to display a multimedia playlist file.
    Photos, video files (mp4, flv) swf. I would also like to be able to display the object with individual viewing time. I'm working on QT 5.1

    Best regards

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