QVariant activeqt question

  • I'm using activeQt to call a COM dll and the function I need to use has a VARIANT* datatype as a function parameter.

    From visual studio I can do the following:

    (import COMClass as MFC class from type lib)
    VARIANT x;
    COMClass.functionToCall(&x); //this will work

    but if I do this without VariantInit(&x); it won't work

    Now if I do the same thing in Qt:

    (use dumpcpp to generate type lib from dll and create a COMCLass object)
    QVariant x;
    COMClass.functionToCall(&x); //won't work

    it doesn't work. Is there any reason for this? Could it be because QVariant doesn't have a corresponding VT_EMPTY data type to initialize to?

  • QVariant != VARIANT!!!

    the thing you have to do it this way in MFC is that VARIANT is a structure so it has no constructor. In MFC you could use CVariant which does this implicitly.

    I'm not 100% sure what to do in ActiveQ there

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