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instantiate QAudioDecoder, get "no service found"

  • tested on mac so far. testing windows now.

    I googled around and see tons of reports of this problem, but no mention of it in the documentation, nor a step-by-step for how to solve it.

    I'm just following the code on this page under "Decoding Compressed Audio to Memory".

    the moment the debugger steps over this line:

    QAudioDecoder *decoder = new QAudioDecoder(this);

    i get that warning in the console:

    defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.audiodecode"

    I HAVE tried deploying plugins, and i do see the "audio" folder in my app bundle with the audio plugin inside, but that doesn't help

  • OMG QAudioDecoder is simply unsupported on macOS? why on earth is there NO MENTION OF THIS in the documentation for QAudioDecoder? I wasted a LOT of time investing in it.

    Has anyone written an AVFoundation plugin for QAudioDecoder?

  • why is this considered a "closed" bug? if it's not supported, why bother having the API in the first place?

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