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Pyside design studio

  • I would like to build a ui in design studio. Import the ui from design studio into my pyside application and be able to interact with the ui by code as with any widget/class

    Is this even possible? Cant find any aexample where design studio is used with python.

    Could someone please provide me with one example where interaction with the design studio ui is made.


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  • @jsulm Thanks for your answer. I do know how to load ui files from designer. lm reffering to the ”designer studio” from the designer tools suite. It seems the only way to load files are .qml files and not .ui files.

    I know how to create a project and import graphics in the ”designer studio” but l cant load it into my pyside2 application. Maybe lm missing something fundamental here?

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    Okay not sure if the PySide2 Designer is as bad as the PyQt Designer but I am going to guess it is. That said creating a GUI using straight Qt is just as easy and about as quick as using a Designer but when you are done you have code you can actually work with solidly and further you have template code you can copy/paste from for later project speeding up the designs of your GUI as you progress.

    Note using the Designer requires more knowledge and understanding than using straight Qt because you have to learn how to effectively use the Designer or you get stuff that you cannot work with or not work with easily. So just words of warning from someone who has been helping numerous folks with the pain of using the Designer and teaching them just how much easier it is to create that GUI without using the Designer

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