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Trying to use Creator to debug QNX Neutrino apps

  • I'm trying to use Creator to debug QNX Neutrino apps remotely.

    I've gotten as far as this: I can go to the Debug menu, select Start Debugging->Start and Attach to Remote Application, type in my
    debugger (ntox86-gdb.exe), executable, and the IP/port of my target. When I click OK, there's a long pause, and finally a dialog: "The gdb process exited unexpectedly (code 101120)".

    Any ideas?

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    Which version of creator are you using?

  • I'm using 2.3.0. I found out that I'm probably struggling with GdbEngine, and I also found a suggestion somewhere that I must use gdb >= 6.8, while the ntox86-gdb I'm stuck with is version 5.2.1. I hope there's a fix!

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    Actually we recommend using gdb >= 7.2.

  • Looks like direct support for QNX debugging was added to Qt Creator:

    commit 17c18623ef419ee46bb52553324974530e03b1df
    Date: Fri Feb 10 07:42:44 2012 +0100

    Add support for the remote QNX debugging protocol

  • I use Qt Creator for development (mostly QML), but for debugging C++ code, i use Momentics, you can set up a project that compiles and deploys in both tools.

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