Qt Service FW and restarting services

  • I'm using Qt Service FW for my service (implemented in Qt), and QML based application, using QML Service element. Is there way to prevent service from restarting every time when this client app is launched? In my solution, the service is started in device start-up, and the service should be running all the time. It does also so, but whenever I launch the app (who is using that service), the service is restarted. I do not understand why, and is this something intentionally implemented in the FW. The service is managing certain resources and this restarting causes unneeded difficulties in housekeeping. Also my purpose is that in certain condition the service would launch this very same app - and now when launching this app will cause service to be restarted. Has this something to do with the fact I'm using QML Service element? Would situation be different if the app was implemented in Qt, not QML?
    So I would like to understand how I could arrange so the the service is not restarted whenever I launch my app (which uses that service).
    Thank for the responses

  • Giving some answer to myself... issue seems to be that the service, although defined to be kept running when client session closes, is stopped when client is closed. I have created a bug report: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTMOBILITY-1930

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