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Expanding issue, QScrollArea

  • Well I am having some trouble with this layout. First here's the code I have:

    QTabWidget* tabWidget; // is initialized else where

    QScrollArea* scroll = new QScrollArea( tabWidget );
    QWidget* scrollWidget = new QWidget();
    QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout(scrollWidget);

    QPushButton* but = new QPushButton("button", scrollWidget);


    tabWidget->addTab(scroll, QString());

    Everything works fine, the scroll area expands with the tab widget when I stretch the window.

    The only problem is that the QVBoxLayout doesn't seem to be expanding to fill the QScrollArea and instead it remains at a fixed size and doesn't expand into the QScrollArea, even though there is room to.

  • @scroll->setWidgetResizable(true);@

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