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[SOLVED] Performance issue with ARM 4.7.x

  • We built the qt4-embedded using bitbake following the tutorial from the angstrom distribution site ( We first used the 4.6.3 version of qt which worked marvelously however, we're dependent on using the QtDeclarative package, therefore, we have to upgrade to 4.7.1.
    What we found is for the 4.7.1 we were getting alignment traps warning on the arm, and due to the fixing of these alignment we suspect this is causing our major performance decrease.
    We also saw the same performance hit with a build of 4.7.3.
    Does anyone have a resolution to the alignment traps caused in the 4.7.x version of qt-embedded for the arm?

  • Furthermore, is there any sort of known performance decrease between the 4.7 major version and the 4.6 major version?

  • In case anyone has the same problem here's the fix that we found which helped substantially. loss since qt 4.7.1

    The fix for this bug is in the 4.8 branch. So the current download from the nokia site (which as of today is 4.7.4) will have this performance problem.

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