Writing static method returning an input from the user [solved]

  • Dear all

    I would like to write a static method which returns an input selected by the user, the same way QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(...) and other static methods works. More precisely, here is (a snapshot) of what I want to do.

    I want to display an image. The user then double clicks on a point in the image, and I want the pixel value under the point where the mouse has clicked. So basically I want this method

    [code]static quint8 getPixelInImage(const QImage & img)[/code]

    I already have a derivation of an ImageDisplay class (given in example on this site) and a PixelSelectorLabel which overloads the mouseDoubleClickEvent( QMouseEvent * event ) method.

    I can quite easily create a short program that opens a picture, shows it to me, then I can double-click on it and it shows me the value of the pixel I got. However, I am still confused about how a static function which does the same thing should be written.

    Here is a bit of (simplified) architecture I have

    [code]Class ImageDisplay : public QMainWindow
    public :
    quint8 value ;
    bool done ;
    public slot :
    void open(const QImage & img) { ... }
    void catchValue(quint8 & v) { value = v ; done = true ; emit finished() }
    void finished() ;
    static quint8 getPixelInImage(const QImage & img)
    PixelSelectorLabel * selector = new PixelSelectorLabel() ;
    ImageDisplay display(selector, img) // builds the display with the label and opens the picture
    connect(selector, SIGNAL(sendValue(quint8 &)), &display, SLOT(catchValue(quint8 &))) ;
    connect(&display, SIGNAL(finished()), &display, SLOT(hide())) ;
    return display.value ;
    } ;

    [code]Class PixelSelectorLabel : public QLabel
    protected slots :
    void mouseDoubleClickEvent ( QMouseEvent * event ) { ... ; emit sentValue(pixel) ; } // where pixel is the value selected in the image after double-clicking
    signals :
    void sendValue(quint8 &) ;

    I think that I am missing something somewhere, but I don't see how to connect the signals so that everything is fine... any idea ?

  • The static functions in the vain of QFileDialog::getOpenFileName() use a local event loop, no signals or slots.

    static quint8 pixelInImage(const QImage &img)
    YourDialog dlg;
    // do some preparation
    if (dlg.exec() == QDialog::Accepted)
    return dlg.thePixel();
    return 0;

    Note that this approach can cause "odd behavior":http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2010/02/23/unpredictable-exec/ if an event loop is running inside of another one.

  • Hello ! I struggled a little bit to understand how a QDialog works, but I have managed finally to do it. Thanks for the help !

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