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Qlist structure Data

  • Hi friends,
    I have structure Like this as Given below and Qlist with structure 0bject like this QList<ChannelInfo> m_nChannelInfoList;

    struct ChannelInfo
    QString channelType;
    QString groupids;
    int inputport;
    int outputport;
    QString InputIp;
    QString OutputIp;
    int channelDownbw;
    int channelUpbw;

    and filling data to structure and append structure to that list as below now i want to append structure whole data via tcp socket to client how i have to send.

    m_nChannelInfoList size is 2
    for(int i = 0;i<m_nChannelIDList.size();i++)

                QString channelsInfoOutput = channelInfoReply->readAll();
                QJsonDocument jsonResponse = QJsonDocument::fromJson(channelsInfoOutput.toUtf8());
                QJsonObject jsonObject = jsonResponse.object();
                ChannelInfo m_nChannelInfo;
                m_nChannelInfo.channelType   = jsonResponse.object().value("channel_type").toString();
                m_nChannelInfo.InputIp       = jsonResponse.object().value("input_ip").toString();
                m_nChannelInfo.OutputIp      = jsonResponse.object().value("output_ip").toString();
                m_nChannelInfo.groupids      = jsonResponse.object().value("groupids").toString();
                m_nChannelInfo.outputport    = jsonResponse.object().value("output_port").toInt();
                m_nChannelInfo.channelDownbw = jsonResponse.object().value("channel_down_bw").toInt();
                m_nChannelInfo.channelUpbw   = jsonResponse.object().value("channel_up_bw").toInt();

    now i want whole data of list structure should be sent to tcp client.what is the method to do.

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