Qt Assistant focus problem

  • Hi,

    I use assistant for remote help display. I use code similar to simpletextviewer example (ie. access assistant through QProcess, not QAssistantClient), and everytime I set page with SetSource command, the application loses focus, which then get assistant. Old QAssistantClient class didn't do this. I want to setup assistant somehow to not get focus.

    I use help as continuous helper, eg. I click an control and help shows page with detailed description of that control. But that way application loses focus for help, and user has to switch back in order to edit an control.

    Do somebody has an idea how to solve it, properly? I don't mean an hackish checking of application focus, or doing my fork of assitant.

    Thank you in advance.

  • It seems that problem occurs on twm and xfce, KDE don't change focus. So it's solved in a way.

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