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'../bin/qmake' failed

  • Hi,

    I am trying to cross compile qt with embedded (beagleboneboard).

    I downloaded cross compile toolchain and qt source code,for cross compiling purpose..

    I am configuring ,

    while configuring got the error,

    Exec format error, so I gone through some websites, to solve this problem I installed

    sudo apt-get install qemu

    after this, once again tried with configure,at this time got error

    /lib/ such file or directory

    again with the help of some forums got where is my file and I linked that file to /lib/ using this command

    sudo ln -s /usr/arm-linux-armhf/lib/ /lib/

    After this trying to configure once again,now getting the new error,below is the attachement...please go through this and please let me know what mistake I am doing...



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