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Font Size problem on 4k monitor

  • I'm having a problem with font sizes in my Application's web view. As an example, here are 3 captures for our home page. Top one is the WebEngineView via the SimpleBrowser sample app. Second one is Firefox and bottom one is Chrome. You'll note the top one is a little bigger than the other two:


    I have scaling set to the recommended 150%.

    My JavaScript guy tells me that it reports devicePixelRatio as 2.0, while Firefox says 1.5. But now we've noticed a caveat that says "The Qt platform plugins round the reported scale factors to the nearest integer." so that's probably not it.

    I can set the zoom factor to .8 to get closer to the right size, but then I have to check to see if I'm on a high DPMI monitor or not, and track it if the window moves to an HD monitor (where the size is correct). Ugh. Any other ideas? QA is complaining about it.


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