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[solved]While we are using Qlabel as hyperlink text how we can remove the line below the hyperlink text in normal state?

  • I want the line to appear only when we hovered or press the hyperlink text not in normal state and i want to change the color of the text also. i have tried Qpalette but i found no change in color.

  • Hello, Though i am new in qt but i hope i can help you a little,You can embed pure css in qt app if want for changing the state of qlabel...Like the following code snippet..
    assume that "label" is a qlabel object then you can use #label:hover{color:green;} for hovering effect
    try it...

  • ok i will try

  • I have tried this it is working.
    @label->setText("<html> <a style = 'text-decoration:none'href ='link'>Sign In</a></html>");@

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