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Problems calling jre from Msys2 install of Qt using mingw

  • I have a Msys2 environment using MinGw and Qt. I need to call a jre. I am attempting to use the JNI.
    I have searched countless forums and discussion. try many examples. but I continue to get a segmentation fault. I presume this is because I am attempting to call a Java for msvc. but I need one for MinGW. I have been looking at possibly rebuilding java for MinGw. But have not found much on that possibility.
    I have been looking at the possibility of making a Haskell call to JNI and then creating a wrapper for my Haskell. reason for this is that there seems to be alot more out there about Haskell to Java. problem with that Is that I dont know either Haskell or Java.
    I am stuck with Msys2 environment.
    Open to ideas?

    Thank you,

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