How to find .dll of Mysql plugin after building the plugin ?

  • hello ,
    hope you all doing great.

    i have built the plugin of mysql in Qtbase/sqldrivers/mysql , but the problem is in the release folder i cannot find any of the dlls of mysql.

    ive used msvc 2015 with mysql 8.0.

    hope you guys can help me , thanks.

  • in unix/linux I would use something like

    find / -xdev -type f -ctime -1 -iname \*.dll

    and as an fyi, some installation procedures install dlls under the windows folder, but it is very dependent upon the build and installation process used.

  • Thanks i use windows and the release folder does not contain any realseased dlls , and ive tried search method and again (qsqlmysql.dll) doesnt exist!.

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    Then maybe you only build the debug one.
    When you compile you will also see where the compiler/links puts the library to. So let it recompile the whole stuff with 'nmake clean' and 'nmake' and take a look at the output.

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