QContactFetchRequest not working on symbian as meego?

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to get all the contacts on the device using QContactFetchRequest but it is working on N950 but not working on Symbian.
    am i doing something wrong?
    ContactManager::ContactManager(QObject *parent) :
    connect(&m_contactFetchRequest, SIGNAL(resultsAvailable()), this, SLOT(onResultsAvailable()));
    void ContactManager::fetchContacts()
    void ContactManager::onResultsAvailable()
    #ifdef LOG_FEATURE
    qDebug()<<"void ContactManager::onResultsAvailable()";
    qDebug()<<"error code = "<< m_contactFetchRequest.error();
    if(m_contactFetchRequest.error()== QContactManager::NoError){
    m_contacts = m_contactFetchRequest.contacts();
    emit contactsUpdated(m_contacts.count());

    I always get the error code = QContactManager::InvalidDetailError

    can anybody help?

  • Sounds like a bug. Does the outcome differ if you manually set a filter in the fetch request? Is m_contacts.count() always zero? Does it differ if you use a contact id fetch request, and then create a filter based on the returned ids, and use a contact fetch request to get contacts after that?

    Either way, this is a bug, afaict. Please file a bug on bugreports.qt.nokia.com so that the issue can be tracked and fixed.


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