Saving QGraphicsScene (vector graphics PLUS IMAGE) to SVG

  • Hello,

    I am creating a QGraphicsScene and adding several points (as tiny QGraphicsRectItem). I am also creating a path as QGraphicsPathItem. I am able to export this to SVG using the well documented method:

    QSvgGenerator generator;
    generator.setResolution((int )dpi);
    QPainter painter;
    // myGraphicsScene is a subclass of QGraphicsScene

    And that works fine. Output SVG is fine.

    Then I am reading an image from file and convert it to a QBrush which I use to fillPath(), that is to flood-fill my path with this image/brush.

    I can see the vector graphics and the filled-with-image path on my canvas just fine. I can also see same results when outputting as an image (PNG/JPG) using similar method as above.

    BUT, I can not see the image in my SVG output file. Everything else is OK, path, rects. Just fine. But there is no image. And as far as I could understand by reading the output SVG text file, there is no mention of any image in that file.

    Does anyone have any hints for solving this problem?


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    This might be outside of the static features of SVG tiny 1.2 specification implemented by the QtSvg module.

    See here

  • Thanks for your reply. I found this link via the link you provided: [](link url) Which lists all the static features of SVG 1.2 as:

    Feature String:
    User Agent Supports:
        All of the following features (described below)
    ... etc.
     For SVG viewers,
    indicates that the viewer can process and render
    successfully all of the language features in the
    modules corresponding to the features
    listed above. 

    So, Image support is there as I understand it.

    And I can confirm that if I do

    QPixmap *myPixmap = new QPixmap();
    Qpainter painter;
    painter->drawPixmap(0, 0, *myPixmap);

    Then exported SVG file contains an <image element and I can view the image in gimp.

    However, if I add:

    QBrush *myBrush = new QBrush(*myPixmap);
    painter->fillPath(myGIPath->path(), *myBrush);

    I can see the pixmap on my application's QGraphicsScene fine, but when I export to SVG, image is now missing.

    Am I doing this last bit right?

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    Except that you don't need to allocate the brush on the heap. The line is fine.

    Did you already check the bug report system ?

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