Help with the incoming calls

  • Hello, I´m new in Qt, i´m creating a game in Qt for symbian platform, I have 2 states when the game is running, the normal state, is running, and the paused state, the question is when I suspend the game I want to change the state to pause, but I suspend the game or when incomming a call the game is still running, not paused, what code I use to make that when I suspend the aplication this change to the pause mode? Im writting the game in qml and the logic is in java, but the states are in the qml file using
    states: [

         State {
             name: "pause"
             PropertyChanges { ....}

    State {
    name: "running"
    PropertyChanges { .... }

    thanks for all :)

  • I think the best way to do it will be, pause the game when it loses focus or when the application being sent to the background. And the application logic is in JavaScript.

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