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  • I'm trying to develop a Stacked UI for desktop. My backend will be Python. I can't get the Windows Desktop Kit (Qt for UWP 64-bit (MSVC 2015) to work because I can't set its device. Meanwhile, on the device tab, the Current State is "Unkown". What have I done wrong and how can I fix it? I'm running this on Windows 7, btw.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Why did you choose the UWP build of Qt ?
    From the looks of it, you should use a desktop build but since you mentioned Python, are you thinking about PySide2 ?

  • UWP seemed like the only kit I could use. Why would I not use Universal Windows Platform? I don't know how to get the Desktop kit. And yes, I'd like to used PySide2.

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    What other version did you try ?
    If one of the Visual Studio builds, did you install Visual Studio ?

    In any case, PySide2 can be installed through pip.

  • I haven't used another version. On a Windows 10 MiniPC I got UWP to work but I don't know why. I have PySide2 installed, but I want to work on the UI file.
    Are you suggesting I install the whole Visual Studio IDE? I just wanted to use the Qt Creator and PyCharm.
    What does the Current State: Unknown mean under Device?

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    That's the kind of details that are good to provide from the start.

    Since you are only interested in using .ui files, you can then use the Designer application. There's no need for Qt Creator in your case.

  • First of all, I've never made something in Qt before, but I think I want to make a stacked app because this app will have multiple pages that I want to control the flow between. That seemed like something the Qt Creator is good for, but maybe it's only over complicating the matter. Should I just make separate UI files in Designer for each page (e.g., Main Menu, Settings, etc.)?

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    Qt Creator is an IDE so it will help you in that regard as it integrates the functions that Designer provides as well. In fact, Designer existed before Qt Creator. Since you wrote that you want to use PySide2 but you are using PyCharm to code in Python, I'm just suggesting to use Designer directly.

    Personally, I build all widgets by hand whether in C++ or in Python.

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